XDS Policy setup for filtering customers

The XDS policy framework was added in AX2012 to provide a replacement to the venerable record level security system in Dynamics AX. XDS gives new capabilities but does come with the need to engage a developer to help interpret table relations and implement the query that will be used to filter and related the tables you want to filter. There are some standard XDS policies in AX. In this example to show the basic concepts of how it works I did a policy on the customer records. This is just an example and there is a way to do this in standard AX with the GAB.

If you want to read more about developing XDS policies this whitepaper is a good start.




If you want the XPO for the objects created in the video you can get a copy here to test. This was created in AX2012R2 so only use in a test system for learning.


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