Sales quote document type setup

This video is part of a series to publish the sales quotation to MS Word. To do this you will need the AIF web service published and create a template with the AX Office-Addin. This video is the 3 in the series to do the final setup of setting up the SharePoint library and the document handling for publishing and storing the documents.


The previous post is here.

As well you will need the AIF SalesQuotation service published to use this but you can find a video here on how to do that.

If you want a copy of the word document template used in the video you can find that here

Link updated 2016/07/21!AjyKH96OSFD9bZPJCFicohI4Epg






16 responses to “Sales quote document type setup

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  2. hai can share me the file in the OneDrive again or email to my mailbox . I need to download to lead it .. Thank your


  3. Please email me the Template document as I cannot download it from OneDrive. I do not see the Service data source available for me to select when creating the template document.



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