Record template concept

There is a handy feature in AX that is often overlooked. If there is data records you create in patterns then creating a record template is useful because it essentially copies a previous record details into the new record you are trying to create. For example if you create an item, customer, vendor etc you can copy all the setup to the new record. This is a global feature that is available for any record. Typically you don’t use it for transactions like an order as they are other copy line features that work in those scenarios. This videos gives you are quick walk through setting up and using record templates.



2 responses to “Record template concept

  1. You mention this is a “global feature that is available for any record. From what I can tell, this has only been enabled on products, customers and vendors. Is there some list available for which forms it’s available on, or some way to turn on other forms if it’s not normally showing as available?


    • Hi Chan
      From any other form just right click, and select record info. Then from that form that pops up you will have two buttons at the bottom for company template and user template.



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