Adding ReplyTo to report print destination

In a previous post a covered a small modification to add a message body to the report print destination dialog and have that sent with the report. In this modification I add an extra field which is the reply to which will allow you to override the standard behavior of sending from the user that submitted the batch. You can see the standard send behavior in a previous post. So in this case the modification will check if you supplied a reply field and use that as the email as opposed the default behavior. This might be interesting if you want the reply to be sent to a email group or something like a “donotreply” email address.

Here is a quick overview of the outcome and where the modifications have been make


If you want to have a look at the code sample for R3 you can find it here!117&authkey=!AJ1RCRt5-uTv-Gk&ithint=file%2czip


There is a model file and a XPO for the project, it should be quite similar for R1/R2. It’s a sample only for you to learn and experiment with for your own modification.



Update 2015/4/20.

Follow-Up post here with additional parameters

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