Send report via email additional parameters

I did a post a few months back and had meant to do a follow-up which I’m doing based on a comment form Jorge on this post.

As Jorge mentions you can update the SrsPrintDestinationSettings.parmEMailContract method similar to below to allow sending via batch.



I’ve also added a couple of extra fields in the project which I thought was useful which you can see from the report parameters screen shot.



If you want to put in an address that will change the ReplyTo email address on the email. This will only work in batch with email sent from the server.


If you want to copy yourself on the email so you have a copy in your own inbox when sending via batch. This helps if users as used to having an email in their sent folder. If they switch to sending the email via batch then the email will go via the server which means they don’t have a email in their sent folder.

Mail Archive

If you are working in a team it’s probably best if you send communications to customers to a shared folder. For example if you are sending email to customers from accounts receivable collections then you probably want to allow all the collections team to be able to see the emails being sent so you could use an Exchange shared folder to share emails with the team.


This is free form text to type in a message.


If you want to have a flag set on the email for the priority you can set the high, medium, low etc if you send the report via batch.


You can find the code sampleĀ model and xpo here!120&authkey=!AFvvH9WArDA0g1A&ithint=file%2czip

Note this is for R3. I’ll do a follow-up post with the R2 objects as some of the framework pieces changed between R2 and R3.

Update 2015/4/20

You can find the R2 post here.




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