WMS Compile of posts on WMS setup for basic purchase and sales

I did a few posts earlier in the week to walk through a basic sequence of things that need to be setup in new the WMS in AX 2012 R3 when creating a new warehouse to give some context to the parameters and setting. Here is a compile of the links to the posts:

Part 1 – WMS Creating a new warehouse in AX2012 R3 WMS

Part 2 – WMS Creating work template for purchasing in a new warehouse

Part 3 – WMS Setting up location directives for new warehouse purchase work

Part 4 – WMS Setting up mobile device menus

Part 5 – WMS Setting up worker for the new warehouse

Part 6 – WMS New warehouse item

Part 7 – WMS Test the purchase process for new warehouse

Part 8 – WMS New sales work template

Part 9 – WMS Setting up the sales location directive

Part 10 – WMS New menu items for the sales picking

Part 11 – WMS Shipping wave setup

Part 12 – WMS Shipment Process test for the new warehouse.




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