Setting up the warehouse mobile device portal for a second company

In a previous post we had a look at the install process for creating a new warehouse mobile device portal. If you have multiple companies that you use with advanced warehouse then you will need to install another portal.

Here is a quick walkthrough in AX2012 R3 CU9.

While I was using CU9 in this example it’s the same for R3 through to CU10.



3 responses to “Setting up the warehouse mobile device portal for a second company

  1. This is a great video which explains step by step spinning another mobil portal for different company!

    I have installed 2 instances successfully. Thank you!

    However, I am running to situation where if launch one instance of warehouse portal for one company and then I launch for another company at the same time, I receive an error ” sorry an error occurred…please retry your request or contact your system administrator.”


    • Hi Nick
      Just check the accounts you have on the app-pool. You might be best to have two accounts one for each company this way they will each be used for the different web-apps.


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