Sales order backorder lines lists.

If you are managing sales and customer service you need to be able track the status of different orders, if they have shipped, why they didn’t ship for example so you can follow-up with the customer. In AX there are a couple of backorder lists that you can use to look at orders that haven’t shipped based on when they were expected to ship.

Now it’s worth considering your definition of backorder as that often means goods that haven’t shipped because you didn’t have inventory. These lists are show shipments that haven’t shipped so to the customer they are backordered because they haven’t received the goods when they are expected.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU9


If you want to have a look at how late and order was shipped then you can have a look at the shipment deviations list which was covered in this post.

As well you might want to have a look at the process of partial shipments which you can see in this post for non-wms and this post for wms.




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