Vendor invoice entry workspace

If you are working with accounts payable invoices in the new Dynamics AX you might want to try the vendor invoice workspace. It gives you a view the different ways to enter and invoice and status of documents.

Here is a quick overview

AX Build 7.0.1265.3015




One response to “Vendor invoice entry workspace

  1. Hi Lachlan,

    The video is very nice, Thanks. I have one question though. Some clients have very high PO invoice volume. I have seen users targeted to enter hundreds of invoice a day as not all companies are having EDI. What could be the best approach for multiple invoice posting. AX supports maintain vendor invoice, but that,s not full fledged as many clients ask for batch number in which the Invoice was posted and some sort of check like batch total so that mass invoice can be posted accurately and efficiently.

    What would be the best approach for this?



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