MES terminal – touch screen

If you need to capture data on the shop floor and have an environment where normal keyboards are going to be difficult to use then it might be an option to use a touch screen. When you setup the terminal in AX you have a parameter called touch screen. This will be used by the manufacturing execution system job registration screen as an indicator to show a few things differently.

For example the login will provide buttons on the screen the user will hit. Keep in mind these are just numbers not letter which might be an issue based on the use of personnel or badge ID. As well the screens will use a large font and space the form out a little more.

Here is a quick overview.

AX2012 R3 CU11

If you are looking at touch screens then you might also want to consider looking at the windows tablet application. You can see that in a post here. As well if you are looking at deploying AX7 then the tablet app is in the application as the job card device.



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